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Our 2023 sustainability report

Our 2022 sustainability report

Truecaller's impact on the world

Truecaller enables secure and relevant conversations between people and makes it effective for companies to reach consumers. Fraud and unwanted communication are endemic to digital economies, especially in emerging markets. Truecaller's mission is to create trust in communication. Fraud and unwanted communication have accompanied digital growth, which has led to unwanted calls and SMS as well as mistrust and hindering economic activity. Our estimate is that over $ 20 billion is lost to online fraud every year. On average, 1 in 4 calls and about 6 messages each day come from unknown numbers, resulting in the user hesitating to answer or write back. Truecaller's vision is to make the communication of the future smarter, safer and more efficient.

Key areas in our sustainability work:

·        Fair and equal opportunities employer

At Truecaller, we are proud to be a fair and equal employer. For us, it is important to retain and attract talent who can continue to develop our services. Therefore, it is important for us to be a workplace where employees are satisfied, motivated and want to be part of our journey. We attach great importance to employee satisfaction, good internal communication and employee health and well-being. Truecaller offers its employees the opportunity to take on new challenges, work with "big data", be part of an international team with the opportunity to create the career they want.

Truecaller employees represent around 35 nationalities and perform global work regardless of location. 28% of Truecaller's employees are women. 45% of the employees are engineers.

·       Anti corruption

Truecaller has a strong focus on ethics and compliance with a zero-tolerance policy against corruption. The company's employees are trained in accordance with Truecaller's code of conduct.

·       Customer integrity

As the leading global platform for verifying contacts and blocking unwanted communications, Truecaller has access to data related to its users. Truecaller is a service where the user's privacy is prioritized, which is based on the user's trust and where the security of the user's data comes first.

·        Personal information

Building global communication services means having a responsibility to keep our users' data secure. Truecaller does not sell user data to third parties. To ensure that users can use Truecaller's products for free, we work with advertising partners, and provide trusted partners with caller identification services. Data shared with advertisers is anonymized and shared on an aggregate level.

·        Users control how they appear on Truecaller

Users have the authority to control and protect how their personal information is displayed to others in the app. Users can edit their profile in the app at any time or deactivate their account. It is easy to delete their profile if a person does not want their information to be on Truecaller.

·        Truecaller does not ask for unnecessary permissions

Communication is becoming increasingly complex, but Truecaller makes tomorrow's communication smarter, safer and more efficient. The company strives to ensure that users understand the permissions required for Truecaller to function as they wish and that they are informed of the data required by the Truecaller app to provide the services in the best possible way for the user.

·        Users' numbers are always private

Truecaller was created to give users control over who tries to contact them. When users register, the profile information is by default private for users searching for names. Users cannot access the phone number by entering a name unless a user approves this contact request. When users call or send messages to another user, they will be able to see the name associated with the profile and other details if they click on the profile.

Extended sustainability reporting from 2021 and beyond

In 2021, Truecaller will begin the process of carrying out a materiality analysis as a basis for its structured effort to clarify the sustainability aspects that are material to the general strategy and are required to develop and produce a sustainability report.

Social Responsibility

Truecaller strives to make tomorrow's communication smarter, safer and more efficient. We use our platform and strong brand to achieve this in several different ways, for example:

·       COVID Relief

To ensure that users could easily and quickly find a care provider during the COVID-19 outbreak in India, a care catalogue for users in India was launched. It is available in the Truecaller app, under "COVID Relief".

·       Guardians

Sometimes you can feel insecure when you go home alone, explore new places or meet strangers. Smartphone use means that the phone can be a last line of defense in awkward or dangerous situations. Truecaller's Guardian function allows users to select people they trust, who can quickly (at the touch of a button) see where the user is.

·       Truecallers campaigns against harassment

Sexual harassment of women through calls and text messages is a growing problem. In our annual report "Truecaller Insights", we highlight the problems and consequences of harassment, spam calls and SMS for women. Through the #ItsNotOk campaign, we are raising awareness about the harassment that women face via mobile phones.

Environmental impact

As a digitized platform and service provider, Truecaller has a limited impact on the environment. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is an important goal and we work to limit greenhouse gas emissions by improving their infrastructure to minimize resource use, reduce costs and the carbon footprint.