Incentive Programmes

To motivate and retain key employees and offer them an opportunity to become partners in Truecaller, the Board has implemented incentive programs.

The annual general meeting 2022 approved incentive program LTIP 2022 which consists of three programs, one which relate to employee stock program (RSU) and two relating to warrant programs. In LTIP 2022 the Company will be issuing a maximum of 5.3 millions shares and warrants entailing a maximum dilution of the shares of app. 1,3 percent of the Company's total outstanding shares. The programs for employees participating in LTIP will mature in 2026 and other participants (not covered by LTIP 2021) in 2025-2026.

The annual general meeting 2021 approved incentive programs LTIP 2021 in six series, three of which relate to warrant programs and three relate to employee stock options programs. In total approximately 12.7 million warrants have been registered under LTIP 2021. Certain board members, senior executives and employees are participating in the programs. If all warrants owned by the warrant owners  in LTIP 2021 were used to subscribe for new shares, the maximum dilution of the shares would be approximately 3.3 percent of the Company’s total outstanding shares. The programs for key employees will mature in 2023-2025 and for all other employees in 2023-2024.

Employee Stock program (RSU) - LTIP 2022
Warrant program 1 - LTIP 2022
Warrant program 2 - LTIP 2022
Series 2021:1 regarding warrants for certain key employees
Series 2021:2 regarding warrants for Directors of the Board
Series 2021:5 regarding warrants for employees
Series 2021:3 regarding stock option programs to certain key employees
Series 2021:4 regarding stock options for Directors of the Board
Series 2021:6 regarding stock options for certain employees