Annika Poutiainen

Director of the Board

Born year: 1970

Member of the Board since: 2021

Background: Annika Poutiainen is a member of the listing committee for Nasdaq Helsinki, advisory board for Unzer Group GmbH and the board of Airtel Africa plc. the working group in the Committee for Corporate Governance within the European Securities and Markets Authority, ESMA, and a member of the Swedish Stock Market Committee.

Other current assignments: Board member of Airtel Africa plc. Swedish elementary school Fredrikshovs Slott AB. Member of the advisory board of European payment solutions provider Unzer Group GmbH. She is the founder and chair of Alpha Leon AB and Senior advisor to strategic communications firm Kekst CNC

Previous assignments (last 5 years): Chairman of the Board of Swedish Accounting Supervision. Board member of Swedbank AB (publ), Saferoad AS, eQ Plc, Hoist Finance AB, Hoist Finance UK Limited and Hoist Kredit Aktiebolag.

Education: Annika Poutiainen holds Master of Laws’ (LLM) degrees from University of Helsinki and King’s college, London.

Holding in Truecaller: 58,000 warrants from LTIP 2021

Independent in relation to the company and main owners: Yes