Annika Poutiainen

Director of the Board

Born year: 1970

Member of the Board since: 2021

Background: Annika Poutiainen is a lawyer with over 20 years of experience from international capital markets, mainly the Nordics and London. She has a regulatory background, having previously worked for the Swedish Financial Supervision Authority and the Council for Swedish Financial Reporting Supervision. She is currently an independent non-executive board member in Airtel Africa plc, Truecaller AB and Renta Group AB.

Other current assignments: Chief Legal Officer Europe at Trustly Group AB

Previous assignments (last 5 years): Executive Chair of the Council for Swedish Financial Reporting Supervision, Member of the Nasdaq Helsinki Listing Committee, Industrial Advisor to strategic communications firm Kekst CNC.

Education: Annika Poutiainen holds Master of Laws’ (LLM) degrees from University of Helsinki and King’s college, London.

Holding in Truecaller: 6,500 Class B shares and 19,334 warrants from LTIP 2021

Independent in relation to the company and main owners: Yes