Nami Zarringhalam

Chairman, Co-Founder

Born year: 1984

Member of the Board since: 2012

Background: Co-Founder of Truecaller in 2009

Other current assignments: Chief Strategy Officer of Truecaller, Chairman of the board of Zarringhalam Ventures AB. Board member of the Goodsport Foundation, True Software SPV AB.

Previous assignments (last 5 years): Chairman at True Software Scanadinavia AB, Board member of True Software EC AB, True Software EC II AB, True Software EC III AB and True Software EC IV AB

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering Management at Royal Institute of Technology

Holding in Truecaller: 23,391,900 A shares and 3,963,587 B shares and 95,000 restricted share units from LTIP 2022

Independent in relation to the company and main owners: No