Odd Bolin

Chief Financial Officer

Born year: 1963

Working at Truecaller since: 2020

Background: CFO of Zacco, CFO of Sinch, CFO of G5 Entertainment, CFO and CEO Cybercom Group

Previous assignments (last 5 years):  Chairman of the board of Omegapoint Holding AB, Omegapoint Group AB, CEGUMARK Aktiebolag, Zacco Sweden AB and Zacco Innovation Technology Stockholm AB. Board member of Sinch Operator Software AB, mBlox Northern Europe AB, Caleo Technologies AB, CLX Networks Lund AB, CLX Communications Danmark AB, Sinch Sweden AB, Sinch Danmark AB, MI Carrier Services AB, Sinch Mobile AB, Sinch Holding AB, Sinch Incitament AB, Zacco Digital Trust Sweden AB, CLX Networks PTY Ltd, Sinch Australia Pty Ltd, Sinch Communications Canada Inc., Sinch Denmark ApS, Sinch France SARL, Sinch Germany GmbH, Sinch Italy SRL, Dialogue Malta Ltd, CLX Communications Norway AS, Sinch Poland Sp Zoo, Mblox Asia Pte Ltd, Sinch Singapore Pte Ltd, Mblox South Africa, Sinch Communications Spain SL, Sinch Sweden AB, Sinch Operator Software AB, Sinch Holding AB, Sinch Mobile AB, Sinch Denmark AB, Sinch Latin America Holding AB, Sinch UK Ltd, Dialogue Group Ltd, Dialogue Communications Ltd, Sinch US Holding Inc, Sinch Mobile Inc and Sinch America Inc. CFO of Sinch AB and subsidiaries, Zacco A/S and subsidiaries and Tessin AB.

Other current assignments: Board member and CEO of HOB Management AB. Senior advisor to Tessin AB. Board member of Mblox Malaysia, True Software EC AB, True Software EC II AB, True Software EC III AB and True Software EC IV AB.

Education: PhD phlasma physics at Royal Institute of Technology, Master of Science Technical Engineering at Royal Institute of Technology and Certified financial Analyst (CFA) at Stockholm School of Economics

Holding in Truecaller: 130,000 B shares and 650,000 warrants from LTIP 2021, 90,000 restricted share units and 30,000 Warrants from LTIP 2022