Odd Bolin

Chief Financial Officer

Born year: 1963

Working at Truecaller since: 2020

Background: CFO of Zacco, CFO of Sinch, CFO of G5 Entertainment, , MD Cybercom Sweden, CFO Cybercom Group, partner at Ceres Corporate Advisors and Hagströmer & Qviberg fondkommission.

Previous assignments (last 5 years):  Chairman of the board of Omegapoint, board member and chairman of the board of a number of Zacco and Sinch group subsidiaries, senior advisor to Tessin AB. Board member of True Software EC AB, True Software EC II AB, True Software EC III AB and True Software EC IV AB.

Other current roles: Board member and CEO of HOB Management AB. Chairman of the board of Senarion AB and board member in Howwe AB and Optimist’s Edge Media AB

Education: PhD in spaceplasma physics at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Master of ScienceinEngineeringPhysicsattheRoyal Institute of Technology,Certified financial Analyst (CFA) at Stockholm School of Economics.

Holding in Truecaller: 154,000 B shares, 90,000 restricted share units, 30,000 Warrants from LTIP 2022, 87,000 stock options from LTIP 2023 and 533,333 stock options from LTIP 2024